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Screen accessories

Screen accessories

According to different materials, it can also be called iron wire ginning net, galvanized ginning net, white steel ginning net, black steel ginning net, stainless steel ginning wire, wire ginning net, copper clad steel ginning net. Depending on the application, the ginning nets can also be used as ore sieve ginning nets, pig ginning nets, barbecue ginning nets, granary ginning nets, and decorative ginning nets. According to the form, it can also be called 疙瘩 ginning net, embossed ginning net, ginning net. The ginning net is a square mesh made by ginning through ginning and woven on a new type of wire weaving wire of different specifications and different specifications. It has a variety of uses for wire mesh products.

Product Details

Screen accessories include polyurethane rubber strip, rubber strip , polyurethane scraper , tension plate and other products.

Polyurethane strip

Rubber strip

Polyurethane scraper

Tension plate