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Screen machinery

Screen machinery

Through cutting nets-rolling round-welding-rounding-appearance treatment-forming. Stainless steel filter cartridges are mainly cut and welded by stainless steel woven mesh, punching mesh, welded mesh, etc., widely participate in petroleum, Filtration, dust removal, and separation in various fields such as metallurgy, minerals, chemicals, medicine, and purification. The product has the characteristics of accurate filtration degree, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long service life and easy cleaning. Our factory can plan and produce filter cartridges and filters for various machinery according to customer needs or drawings. Such as the shape can be divided into cylindrical filter cartridges, flange-type filter cartridges, cone filter cartridges and so on.

Product Details

The screen machinery sold by the company includes hydraulic knitting machines, heavy gins, heavy screen knitting machines (solenoid valves), hydraulic solenoid valve eyelet knitting machines, flat flower molds, and electric wire cutters.

Hydraulic weaving machine

Heavy ginning machine

Heavy screen weaving machine (solenoid valve)

Small hole weaving machine for hydraulic solenoid valve

Flat flower mould

Electric wire cutter