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Analysis of Xindun Screen Mesh Polyurethane Screen Mesh in Mining Machinery
- 2018-10-06-

Polyurethane screens have attracted much attention since its inception, and have been showing an uninterrupted growth trend, especially in mining machinery plants. However, the development of polyurethane screens is not entirely smooth sailing.

China's polyurethane screen plants can specialize in the production of various mine ore dressing screens, construction screens, oil screens, chemical screens, asphalt screens, and sulfuric acid Polyurethane screen Various polyurethane screens such as fertilizer special screens. Most of these production enterprises have the scale of producing various products, resulting in increasing market competitiveness, and each company is distressed about how to seize the market. Binzhou Economic Development Zone Zhaolong Screen Mesh Factory has made unremitting efforts to improve itself with science and technology, adopt international polymer materials, and use cutting-edge technology to create perfect product quality. It has always been invincible in the competition of polyurethane screen industry. Ground.

Different types of screens are used in different fields of industry, but with the expansion of the use of high-tech fields, the requirements for screens have gradually increased. Various high-performance, high-strength wear-resistant, high-temperature and corrosion-resistant screens have become hot. Products, especially in mining machinery plants.

The status quo of China's polyurethane screen manufacturing industry, from the longitudinal perspective of the development history, it should be said that polyurethane screens have made considerable progress and development, this point can not be questioned. However, from the perspective of internationalization of global economic integration, such as horizontal comparison with internationally renowned companies such as SEFAR in Switzerland , SAATI in Italy, and NBC in Japan , the gap is also obvious. With the intensification of market competition, the profitability of traditional screen products will be further compressed. If we do not seize the opportunity to improve the energy level of the industry, the pressure on the survival of enterprises and industries will increase, and it is possible in the wave of global economic integration be submerged.

It can be seen that in building a modern industrial system, we must not ignore traditional processing industries. We must make full use of the local natural and historical endowments and the comparative advantages of resources to rationally develop and upgrade the industry in the pattern of regional economic development, and gradually realize the serialization and variety of products. Diversification, standardization of specifications, internationalization of brands, and diversification of applications, which have formed a dragon-shaped economic pattern of science, industry, trade, production, supply, and marketing, and promoted the " five modernizations " integration. This is the development direction that modern processing industries must follow. Only in this way will the processing and entrepreneurship road become wider and wider.

Polyurethane screen manufacturing industry is a promising industry. In the process of global economic integration, China's screen manufacturing industry should seize the opportunity to actively improve the energy level of the industry and provide high quality for the development of mining machinery plants. In the process of products and services, the industry seeks its own development.