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Xindun Screen Screen Analysis
- 2018-10-26-

The sieve then looked almost the same. But when you come into close contact with the screen, it is not exactly the same whether you see it or the structure. In fact, it can be found that there are important differences in the performance, service life, screening results and structure of the screen:

1: High-quality screens can meet national and international standards.

2: The high-quality screen is accurately measured by computer-optimized optically beautiful instruments. The size of the screen holes is the same, and it looks very sensational.

3: The mesh points of the screen are rigid, tough and have a balanced tension.

4: The frame of the screen is shown in a precise shape. The strips and the frame are completely sealed. There are no cracks, no distortion, and no break.

5: The perimeter of the screen frame will be bordered, which is convenient to hold without damaging the skin and maintaining a certain degree of comfort.

6: The shape of the screen is perfect, practical and does not affect the realism.