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Discussion on the method of identifying the quality of polyurethane screens
- 2018-09-28-

Several methods to identify the quality of polyurethane screens:

Excellent polyurethane screen products will always appear counterfeit and inferior products, which will cause headaches for users and friends. If you unfortunately buy a polyurethane screen that is not up to standard, Polyurethane screen Many problems have arisen, so in response to this problem, today our polyurethane screen manufacturers brought in technical staff to introduce the relevant knowledge and teach you a few methods to identify the quality of polyurethane screens. If everyone can keep the points in mind, I believe that it will greatly improve your Chances of buying a product of the highest quality.

1. Look at the opening rate of the polyurethane screen. The opening rate is the most direct factor affecting the screening power. If the number of sieve openings of the polyurethane sieve sheet is higher, the higher the opening rate, the higher the screening power and output. .
2. The connection of polyurethane screens is also an aspect that everyone must pay attention to. The connection method of polyurethane screens will directly affect the screening power. Plead that the polyurethane screens should be tightly connected to each other and not leak ore to ensure the grade.
3. Carefully observe the appearance, whether the surface of the polyurethane sieve is exquisite, whether the sieve is flat, and pay attention to whether the hue of the polyurethane sieve is pure, whether there are broken bars, burrs, lack of material, mixing, and tight seams.

The service life of polyurethane screens is 8-10 times longer than that of general metal screens, 3 times that of stainless steel screens, and 3.9 times that of natural rubber. It is the screen material with the best wear resistance in the world. The production materials of polyurethane screens are polymer organic elastomers, which have excellent abrasion resistance, flex resistance, and great load capacity. The materials produced by the polyurethane screen are specially treated to ensure that they will never delaminate under long-term alternating loads.