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Xindun tells you how to solve the phenomenon of material leakage in the screening operation of manganese steel screen
- 2018-09-21-

Manganese steel screen is a metal mesh structural element used for screening and filtering. It is widely used in sieving, filtration, dewatering, and mud removal in many industries. It has high strength, rigidity and load-bearing capacity, and can be made into rigid screening and filtering devices of various shapes. Product specifications: Plane screen. Arc screen. Polyurethane screen. Woven raw coal sieve bar screen. Uses: Manganese steel screens can be used in mining, coal, petroleum, fertilizer, food, environmental protection and other industries. Screen woven from 1.6mm-12mm silk thread.

But how to solve the material leakage phenomenon in the screening operation? Let Xindun screen tell us the solution.

First, check the seal between the screen frame and the screen body. The screen frame and the screen body of the vibrating screen are provided with sealing strips for sealing. The material of the sealing strip is silicone, rubber, and polyurethane. The vibrating screen will generate heat and friction during the screening process, and the sealing strip will deform or rupture after using for a period of time. The editor recommends that the user should regularly check the use of the sealing strip when using the shaker, and replace it if it is damaged. The second reason is the damage of the screen. The screen of the vibrating screen is a wearing part, and different screen materials have different wear on the screen. During the continuous operation of the screening machine, the load on the screen is quite large, which will cause the screen to be damaged. It should be found and replaced in time during the production process. To ensure the quality of the screening material. Finally, the trajectory of the material on the sieve surface, resulting in small particles and large particles can not be completely classified. Usually this is mostly a question of the angle of the vibration motor. Generally, the motor angle of the vibrating screen is adjusted to 65 degrees when leaving the factory. In use, the motor angle can be adjusted according to the screening of the material. In order to change the trajectory of the material on the screen. To improve the screening accuracy.