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Common sense and application of sieve screen
- 2018-09-12-

Some customers report that the stainless steel crimped wire mesh used also has rust , so they question whether the stainless steel used is qualified , is it a fake product , and why does stainless steel rust ? When brown rust spots (spots) appear on the surface of stainless steel, people I was surprised: " Stainless steel is not rusty, rusting is not stainless steel, and there may be a problem with the steel . " In fact, this is a one-sided wrong view of the lack of understanding of stainless steel screens. Stainless steel will also rust under certain objective conditions.

The stainless steel wire mesh has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation -- that is, stainless steel, but also has the ability to corrode in the medium containing acid, alkali, and salt -- that is, corrosion resistance. However, the size of its anti-corrosion ability changes with the chemical composition of the steel itself, the conditions of use, and the type of environmental media. For example, 304 steel pipe has absolutely excellent rust resistance in a dry and clean atmosphere, but it will be rusted quickly when it is moved to the seashore area in sea fog containing a large amount of salt; while 316 steel pipe is good. Therefore, it is not any kind of stainless steel, and it is resistant to corrosion and rust under any environment .