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Screen industry leader Shandong Xindun Screen
- 2018-09-06-

Binzhou Xindun Screen Mesh is a manufacturer specializing in screen mesh production and sale. Since the establishment of the company, it has continuously improved the production process and learned from the strengths of all the families. All performance indicators have reached the user requirements and have been well received by users.

Regardless of whether the screen is used in a mining and smelting plant, it is still used in the daily slope protection. In short, there is a wear and tear fee. Like some mine sieves used in mining and metallurgical plants, there will generally be high temperature, high pressure and even high corrosion and high acid and alkali environments. To prevent loss during production, product quality becomes more important. If the production machine is damaged due to the quality of a small screen, then it is really a big loss.
Our company has modern polyurethane and high abrasion resistant rubber screen production lines and equipment imported from Sweden and France with world advanced level. The polyurethane screens and rubber screens produced have high abrasion resistance, high flex resistance and screening accuracy. And high screening rate, low noise, light weight, simple installation, high comprehensive benefits. After repeated testing by China University of Mining and Technology's beneficiation research, all physical properties have reached the quality standards of Zhuolabao in Sweden.