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Analysis of the difference between imported screens and domestic screens
- 2018-08-08-

Manganese steel screens are wear-resistant, have a long life, and have high-end characteristics of screening power. They are popular among screening customers. Some businesses will think that manganese steel screens are so good. Is the quality of imported manganese steel screens very good? Therefore, do not hesitate to buy large amounts of manganese steel screens from abroad. Today I will come to tell you, is it really good to import manganese steel screens?
1. The principle of using manganese steel screen is the same, and the bracket may be different.
The principle of foreign vibration machinery is basically the same as that of domestic vibration machinery. As the main accessory of the vibration machinery, the manganese steel screen is placed on the vibration machinery. Is it difficult to say whether the bracket is the same, although it is the same size, it is placed The screen machine is inevitably suitable. If it is modified, the function of the manganese steel screen will be changed. If you really want to purchase and try, you must make the standard design drawing of the manganese steel screen. In addition, you need the following sample diagram of the bracket of the vibrating screen machine. As long as this is done, it can effectively expand the utilization of the manganese steel screen and make the vibration The sieve machine performs more effectively.
2. Foreign manganese steel screens are not different from domestic manganese steel screens. Foreign manganese steel screens are not different from domestic manganese steel screens. The main reason is that the manufacturer cheated customers because the manganese steel of the manganese steel screens was not qualified. Therefore, the service life of the screen must not be long. As long as the manganese steel is qualified, plus the precise service life of the processing technology, there is absolutely no doubt.
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