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Application of polyurethane screen in deep screening of sticky and wet materials
- 2018-08-03-

Screening is an important part of coal processing. For coal preparation plants, sieving powder and fine coal from raw coal can reduce the cost of sludge water treatment and reduce environmental pollution, increasing the selection capacity; for nitrogen fertilizer plants, sieving powder and fine coal from raw coal can reduce the powder content rate To optimize the process conditions of gas-making furnaces and reduce production costs; For power plants, the raw coal is classified to obtain lump or end coal to meet the requirements of different combustion furnaces, which can improve combustion efficiency; for coking plants, screening of end coal Reduce the repeated crushing of coal and increase the throughput and life of the crusher. All of these require the use of coal dry depth screening technology and equipment, and coal dry depth screening is a recognized problem in the world. After more than ten years of intensive research, China University of Mining and Technology has made a major breakthrough in this field and successfully developed a polyurethane screen.
The moisture content of raw coal in open-air storage changes greatly, and the pulverized coal becomes sticky when it encounters water. During the sieving process, the sieve is blocked, which causes the screening efficiency to decrease and the pulverized coal cannot pass through the screen. For the deep screening of coal with poor coal quality, high moisture content, high final coal content, high viscosity, high shale shale content, and severe muddiness, conventional vibrating screens are difficult to classify below 13 mm, so sticky wet coal below 13 mm The dry deep screening process is considered a worldwide problem. Research and development in this area are mainly focused on two aspects: one is the structural form and movement form of the vibrating screen, and the other is the structural design and material selection of the screen (plate). The polyurethane screen and beef tendon screen produced by Xindun Screen are more professional.