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What are the three factors of Xindun screen to improve the high screening efficiency of manganese steel screen?
- 2018-04-28-

First of all, the three elements of high screening efficiency conditions: vibration speed, feed volume and high standard manganese steel screen. Regular and vibration with a certain amplitude is the premise of screening. Therefore, before the screening operation and during the screening process, the motor and vibration machinery must be inspected in time. The place where the lubricant is added must be added or the automatic addition Whether the semi-automatic filling machine for lubricating oil works on time and whether the motor runs normally.
Feeding is generally carried out with a conveyor belt. The conveying process of the conveyor belt is relatively long, and it is easy to be overlooked. The rollers that often fail are the rollers. Due to the long conveyor belt, the failure cannot be found. In addition, due to the failure of the idler roller, the conveyor belt may be blocked, or the side of the conveyor belt may be uneven due to the uneven force on the two sides of the conveyor belt. If the force is not uniform, plugging may occur.
Manganese steel screen
The stable vibration frequency and amplitude can reduce the wear of the material on the manganese steel screen. The immediate wear is generally generated in a very small range. Therefore, when maintaining and maintaining the manganese steel screen, pay attention to the vibration machinery. Maintenance, maintenance, if the vibration frequency is uneven, leading to a sudden increase in the amount of feed, it will also increase the load on the motor of the vibrating screen.
In summary, in order to truly improve the screening efficiency of manganese steel screens, in addition to the standard screen quality, a complete cooperation of the entire process and procedures, stable vibration speed and amplitude, uniform feed volume, and It is to ensure the normal operation of the sieve amount, and then it can ensure that the screening efficiency of the manganese steel screen reaches the ideal screening condition.