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Xindun teaches you how to buy high-quality manganese steel screen
- 2018-04-04-

The screen machinery developed by our company has the characteristics of fast production speed, high product qualification rate and strong durability, etc. It is a leader in the same industry at home and abroad. Manganese steel screen selection companies are expecting to buy a good quality, good quality manganese steel screen to ensure the quality specifications of the selected materials, to improve the efficiency of manganese steel screen selection, and to improve the company's economic benefits. What are the factors to start with a good quality manganese steel screen?

1. First of all, it is very important for the manufacturer to buy a manganese steel screen manufacturer with good quality and quality. The manganese steel screen company with production strength, planning, and long history before the establishment of the company usually speaks integrity. The technical strength is also relatively strong, and the quality of the manganese steel screens produced is usually not bad.
2. Looking at the packaging of manganese steel screens Generally speaking, it is not good to investigate the overall strength of manganese steel screen manufacturers. However, the packaging of manganese steel screens of manufacturers can also reflect the overall strength of manganese steel screen companies. In general, powerful and honest companies have no doubt about the packaging of their products.
3. Look at the complete information of the manganese steel screen packaging. As the saying goes: one trick to see the world. A small piece of manual in the package can also reflect the production strength of manganese steel screen manufacturers. Generally speaking, whether the manual and inspection certificate in the package are printed rudely, and whether the thickness of the printed paper meets the specifications can reflect the company's strength.
4. Seeing the quality of manganese steel screens The marginal treatment of manganese steel screens is usually cut. The marginal cuts are more regular. There is no filigree on the margins, and the manganese steel screens are uniformly spaced from each other. Is an excellent screen. Another is to take an eye view or have a caliper to measure to see if the size of the sieve holes is uniform and whether the sieve is skewed. The standard and standard manganese steel screen should be boxy and not deformed.
5. Look at the anti-rust treatment of the manganese steel screen. Because the manganese steel screen is attributed to ferrous metal products, it is easy to rust in a wet environment. Some small manufacturers think about the cost of anti-rust treatment of the screen by spraying the screen surface with waste engine oil. The normative and powerful manufacturers use anti-rust paint for anti-rust treatment.