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Difference between mining with polyurethane screens and manganese steel screens
- 2018-08-16-

Ammonia grease screens and manganese steel screens are products that play an important role in mining screening. Some mines and coal screening projects use polyurethane screens instead of manganese steel screens; and some screening projects Manganese steel screens are used instead of polyurethane screens. Today, Xiaorui Xinrui screens will analyze this problem for everyone.
The first point: according to the characteristics of polyurethane screens and manganese steel screens, one of the biggest features compared to them is the service life. The same screening environment, the general polyurethane screens have a long service life, the manganese steel screens have a short service life. When using polyurethane screen or manganese steel screen, you can't just look at the service life, but also the economic strength, and the actual situation of the sieving materials. You can't just use one when you buy.
Second point: What kind of sieve is used to screen the material? The main reason is to use the polyurethane screen when the screened material is relatively hard to screen, and the manganese steel screen is generally used for the slightly harder. The hardness of the material is used in combination. The upper part of the vibration machine uses a polyurethane screen and the lower part uses a manganese steel screen.
Point 3: Which sieve to use depends on your economic strength

Up to now, the market economy has become more and more prosperous, and foreign trade has become more and more frequent. Only the quality of the screens can be guaranteed, and the number of meshes, apertures, appearance and raw materials must be firmly controlled to achieve a 100% product qualification rate Talent keeps pace with the development of the national economy and takes the initiative in domestic sales and foreign exports. In many foreign countries, the use of screens is very wide. Apart from common mine screens and fence nets, they are often used as kitchen crafts and consumables, and the demand is still relatively large. However, often an order for hundreds or even thousands of screens, because one day, the screens produced are not only certified by the national quality system, but also recognized by foreign companies during the export process.