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Causes of cracking of polyurethane screens during use
- 2018-07-31-

Regarding this question, can you say that as long as you can install the polyurethane screen according to the manufacturer's guidance, then the cracking will definitely not occur during use, so why does the curve of the polyurethane screen crack? What factors constitute its cracking?
Our company's main products are polyurethane screens, manganese steel screens, and polyurethane cyclones. The following editors introduce the elements that constitute the curve cracking of polyurethane screens:
1. The size of the polyurethane screen is too long, and the tension screws are not tight. When selecting the vibrating screen, the size should be selected to match.
2. The shape and size of the flange of the polyurethane screen is not compatible with the tensioning plate; there are doubts about the tensioning arrangement of the screening machine.
3.The rubber pads are worn or free; the planned structure of the screen or screen is defective; the welding of the screen body causes structural damage to the screen body.
4. The stiffness of the four springs of the vibrating screen is uneven; the support bar of the screen box is lower than the screen, that is, there is a certain distance between the support bar and the screen;
5. Excessive amplitude of the vibrating screen machine will also cause linear cracking of the vibrating screen.
The above is a brief introduction of the elements that constitute the curve cracking of the polyurethane screen. If you have a need in this regard, we look forward to contacting the company. The products produced by our company are strictly manufactured according to drawings, strong technical force, excellent product quality, reasonable price, timely delivery, wide and honest users, and look forward to letters from people from all walks of life Negotiate business.