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Polyurethane screens have a wide range of applications and greater professional applicability
- 2018-07-25-

Urethane classification screens and screens are widely used in screening machines in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, water conservancy, road construction and other industries. They are replacements of steel plate punching screens, wire braided screens, stainless steel screens and rubber screens The product has the advantages of light weight, high screening efficiency, non-blocking holes, anti-friction, impact resistance, tear resistance, long life (3-8 times that of metal sieve plate), low noise, convenient installation, and high comprehensive benefits.
Polyurethane screens have a wide range of applications and greater professional applicability. They are suitable for any type of vibrating screen and can be made with measuring machines. Polyurethane screens are professionally used in hydropower stations, building materials and other metal processing and mining industries. The sieving of various materials in the range of 0.1mm-170mm, whether it is dry or wet, does not affect the screening efficiency. For the dewatering and descreening in the range of 0.5m-3mm, the superiority of the polyurethane sieve surface is more fully displayed. The product is resistant to water, corrosion and aging, and is easy to replace and maintain. Polyurethane has a small density (1.32kg / m3) and is lighter than a metal sieve surface, which can reduce production unit consumption, so it can meet the requirements of large-scale development of sieve machines.
There are four types of polyurethane screen structure
1. Inlay type 2. Bolt connection 3. Bead connection 4. Sieve hook connection
Uses: Depending on the raw materials used, there can be products with different properties, generally two types: polyester and polyether. It can be used to make plastics, rubber, fibers, rigid and flexible foams, adhesives and coatings.

Until now, the market economy has become more and more prosperous, and foreign trade has become more and more frequent. Only by ensuring the quality of the screens is excellent, and the number of meshes, apertures, appearance and raw materials are firmly controlled to achieve a 100% product qualification rate Keep pace with the development of the national economy and take the initiative in domestic sales and foreign exports. In many foreign countries, the use of screens is very wide. Apart from common mine screens and fence nets, they are often used as kitchen crafts and consumables, and the demand is still relatively large. However, often an order for hundreds or even thousands of screens, because one day, the screens produced are not only certified by the national quality system, but also recognized by foreign companies during the export process.