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Analysis of the composition and characteristics of polyurethane screens exclusively by polyurethane suppliers
- 2018-07-24-

Disperse urethanes are collectively called disperse urethanes, and are collectively referred to as macromolecular compounds containing repeating urethane groups (NHCOO) on the main chain. It is made by dispersing organic diisocyanate or polyisocyanate with two hydroxyl or polyhydroxy compounds. In addition to urethanes, methacrylates do not contain groups such as ethers, esters, ureas, biurets, and urethanes. Depending on whether the materials used are the same or whether there are no homogeneous products, they are normally of the ester type and the ether type. Whether it is used to create plastics, rubber, fibers, rigid and flexible foams, adhesives, and coatings.
Polyurethane steel wire mesh (wrapped metal wire, core wire welding net support net) This material has a good-looking appearance, bright and bright, light weight, under the weak machine, heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, excellent weather resistance, no Renovated and colorful.

1. Under tensile strength and tear resistance, the abrasion resistance is extremely high, the elasticity is high, the shrinkage is small, and the deformation is small, and the service life is small.

2. The bonding strength of the metal substrate is weak, and there is no simple layer formation and shedding.

3. The size is stable under the surface finish.

Lower-weakness composite wire mesh belongs to the category of screening equipment, and is used to deal with the results of low-weakness and short service life of popular wire mesh. It is composed of a top frame and a support net. The improvement is that the top frame is a metal wire mesh and the support net is a urethane support net. The urethane support net is located under the metal wire mesh. The lattice shape, the warp and weft strips are composed of a steel wire rope core and a urethane surface layer. The above improvements give the original utility model no superior function to the popular metal screen. It has a very low degree of weakness, stiffness, and load-bearing capacity, and is not useful for lowering vibration music and lifting the life of the screen. Whether the original utility model is made into a variety of sieving installations, especially a lower frequency vibrating screen that is suitable for electromagnetic excitation.