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Reasons of Plugging in Use of Polyurethane Screen and Correct Treatment
- 2018-07-17-

Under normal operating conditions, polyurethane screens generally do not exhibit hole plugging during use. If this phenomenon often occurs, it indicates that there is a problem, and the inspection and processing are mainly from the following aspects:
1. The quality of the screen. Screen products with irrational design or substandard quality were selected. When customers choose screen products, they must choose the company's screen products with good qualifications, good reputation and quality assurance.
2. The screen model is not selected properly. After eliminating the quality problem of the screen, the selection of the screen model is very important, and the screen holes cannot reasonably match the diameter of the screened material. Can also lead to the phenomenon of plugging.
3. The humidity of the sieved material is too high. When the material is too large, during the vibration of the screen, the materials are likely to stick together and not easy to separate. Caused the phenomenon of plugging of polyurethane screen. At this time, the material needs to be reprocessed to make it into the screening equipment after the humidity reaches the standard.
4. Improper adjustment of screen tension. If the tension of the screen is adjusted too loosely or too tightly, it will cause the vibration frequency and amplitude of the screen to be insufficient, which will cause the phenomenon of plugging. The treatment method is to regularly check and adjust the tension of the polyurethane screen in a timely manner to adjust it to the technical requirements. 5. Improper material crushing method or breakdown equipment. Causes the broken shape of the material to change (for example, the original round particles become strip particles). Makes the material unable to pass through the screen smoothly. The treatment method is to adjust the crushing method or repair the crushing equipment to meet the requirements of the screening equipment operation requirements.
Therefore, as long as you purchase high-quality polyurethane screen products that meet the standards, install and use them properly, and perform regular maintenance and inspection, you can effectively prevent the phenomenon of plugging in the use of polyurethane screens.