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Market application of polyurethane screens and vibrating screens
- 2018-07-11-

In the metallurgical industry, the ore dressing plant pre-screens and inspects the ore using a circular oscillating sieve. The oscillating fine sieve is used to classify the products of the mill to improve the grade of concentrate. About the classification of sintered ore and cold sintered ore For the requirements, the linear motion track and the principle of secondary vibration isolation were used to form the hot ore sieve and the cold ore sieve; other linear sieving coke was used for sieving instead of the initial tumble sieve.
In the coal industry, the classification of coal is different in different occasions. The circular shaker, the probability sieve distributed using the probability sieve, and the equal thickness sieve of the equal thickness sieving method are used. The linear shaker is used for the dewatering of fine coal and fine coal. Dissociation; the classification of wet fine particles containing 7% to 14% of water below 6mm has presented a string sieve, a rotating probability sieve, and a tumbling sieve to deal with the problem of plugging holes and improve the screening efficiency; other curved screens and straight lines The sieves are combined to form a curved high-frequency fine sieve to handle dehydration questions.
In the water conservancy and electric power sector, the pre-screening of coal by thermal power plants is done by circular oscillating screens or equal-thickness screens; the use of straight-line screens to treat coal is required in the construction of hydropower stations, such as the Three Gorges Project, which requires various large-scale screeners. Gravel is graded.
In the transportation industry, for the sand clearing and mud removal of railway ballast, the probability equal thickness screen with the principle of probability equal thickness is very good. The hot stone screen can be used to classify the asphalt concrete stones, which plays an important role in highway construction. effect. In the chemical industry, screening of chemical raw materials and commodities, classification of chemical fertilizers and compound fertilizers, shaking screens and chemical fertilizer screens are key equipment.
Polyurethane screens have a wide range of applications and greater professional applicability. They are suitable for any type of vibrating screen and can be made with measuring machines. Polyurethane sieve plate is professionally used in hydropower stations, building materials and other metal dressing and mining industries. The sieving of various materials in the range of 0.1mm-170mm, whether it is dry or wet, does not affect the screening efficiency. For the dewatering and descreening in the range of 0.5m-3mm, the superiority of the polyurethane sieve surface is more fully displayed. The product is resistant to water, corrosion and aging, and is easy to replace and maintain. Polyurethane has a small density (1.32kg / m3) and is lighter than a metal sieve surface, which can reduce production unit consumption, so it can meet the requirements of large-scale development of sieve machines.
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