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Manganese steel screens ignite the "new engine" of Binzhou screen development
- 2018-06-21-

Binzhou Screen Association attaches great importance to the deepening reform of the manganese steel screen industry structure, and proposes to promote the industrialization of manganese steel screens with the informationization of manganese steel screens and truly realize the "integration of the two industries." Take a new type of manganese steel screen supported by information technology. Net industrialization road.
1. Large-scale construction of manganese steel screen "cloud" data center Binzhou Xindun screen production has a long history, which is about 100 years old. It has its own unique technology in the production of manganese steel screens, and has accumulated rich experience data. The construction of the north manganese steel screen base has laid the foundation for the establishment and construction of the Binzhou Xindun screen “cloud” data center, with the goal of “based on Shandong, serving the country and supporting the country”, and strive to create Internet content for the manganese steel screen in Shandong And manganese steel screen cloud data center.
After the establishment of the manganese steel mesh “cloud” data center, it will attract more enterprises to settle in the manganese steel mesh base in northern Shandong, promote the development of the manganese steel mesh industry, and promote the development of the manganese steel mesh industry.
2. The platform builds "data" to lead the future The construction of the "cloud" data center for manganese steel screens is of great significance for the development of manganese steel screens. Through the data center, we can not only see the market price and future development trend of manganese steel wire, but also browse the latest technological achievements of manganese steel screen. The manganese steel screen data center will become a strong driving force for the development of the screen industry. It also helped upgrade the industrial structure of manganese steel screens.
The Binzhou Screen Association will also pay close attention to the manganese steel screen data center and the “Internet +” action to expand digital screen services and make new contributions to the construction of an innovative manganese steel screen base.