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Xindun explains the plugging problem of vibrating screen for you
- 2018-05-30-

In the actual work and production process, when the screen is blocked, it is necessary to check and clear it in time to avoid affecting the normal production process. In severe cases, it can even damage the vibrating screen. Therefore, when the screen is blocked, certain methods and means must be adopted to eliminate it in time to ensure the normal production.

If the screen of the vibrating screen is blocked and cannot be cleaned in time, the weight of the material that continuously enters the screen surface will have a certain load on the screen and the screen surface. When the screen cannot support it to a certain extent, the screen will be damaged. The replacement of new screens will delay production progress and increase investment costs.
To make the particle size and composition of the screened material better meet the requirements of the screening operation, the blocking of the screen can be avoided to a certain extent. The screened material is removed before the screen, and the large pieces are not suitable. Screened materials or foreign materials are removed. For those materials with high viscosity and humidity, the vibration force on the screen surface can be adjusted to a large value, or a cleaning device can be added to the screen surface to move the large materials left on the screen surface in time. To avoid blocking or blocking.
The vibrating screen should be well maintained and maintained. The daily maintenance includes the surface of the screen and the fastening of the screen. Especially, the surface of the vibrating screen must be cleaned regularly to restore the working ability of the screen. Overhaul, regular maintenance of vibrating screen includes weekly inspection and monthly inspection. Check the surface of the screen for wear. If the vibrating screen finds obvious local wear, it must take necessary measures such as changing positions to ensure that the size of the screened products meets the requirements. During the daily production downtime, the sieve can be taken out frequently, and the sieve surface is regularly inspected for damage or unevenness, and whether the sieve holes are blocked, and the sieve is often cleaned.