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How to improve the service life and wear resistance of manganese steel screen?
- 2018-05-14-

What determines the life of the manganese steel screen: The biggest feature of the manganese steel screen is wear resistance, that is, as long as the manganese steel screen has good abrasion resistance, its service life will generally be long, which determines manganese The wear resistance of steel screens is to increase the thickness of the wire diameter. Only the thicker the wire diameter of the manganese steel screen can increase the use value of the manganese steel screen. Manganese steel screen is the most rigid in the screen series. The rigidity characteristics of the manganese steel screen will increase the abrasion resistance when the wire diameter is thickened. In fact, the degree of wear of the manganese steel screen depends entirely on the screen material. 65Mn belongs to the high-quality screen in the industry, and is also the designated material for Binzhou Xindun screen. It is reasonably adjusted according to the stone hardness of the customer to achieve the best material cutting. Fast and best wear resistance.
Product features of manganese steel screen: stable structure, strong impact resistance, wear resistance, low cost, uniform and long-lasting mesh, beautiful appearance, etc. The main purpose of the product: it can be widely used in the screening of mines, sand and gravel, raw coal, and isolation and protection in construction, civil and breeding industries. The selection of manganese steel screens is primarily based on the characteristics, raw materials, and price of the screens. In addition, the thickness of the wire diameter directly affects the life and price of the screen. Xindun screens warmly remind you that these elements of the screens affect each other. The abrasion resistance, erosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and the presence or absence of magnetism are directly related to the price of the screen. In summary, the quality of the material determines the wear resistance of the manganese steel screen and the thickness of the wire diameter, which effectively prolongs the service life of the manganese steel screen. Therefore, the choice of manganese steel screen can not only be determined by the price. Only an increase in the service life of manganese steel screens can reduce costs and increase profits for your business. The above is the opinion of Xindun manganese steel screen manufacturers on extending the service life of manganese steel screens. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to buy manganese steel screens. If you have this need, we look forward to contacting the company.