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Stainless steel welding ore screen manufacturers choose Shandong Xindun screen manufacturers
- 2018-05-12-

Stainless steel welding ore screen material: stainless steel wire.

Types of stainless steel welding sieve: stainless steel sieve tube, stainless steel sieve plate, stainless steel sieve, stainless steel coal washing net, stainless steel sieve basket, stainless steel vibrating sieve, stainless steel electric welding sieve, stainless steel welding sieve, stainless steel embossing screen, etc

Stainless steel welded ore screen features: easy to leak, not easy to wear, and resistant to corrosion. The mesh section is trapezoidal. The gap is narrow and wide. It is a cold-rolled sieve bar made of stainless steel wire. The support bar is welded by automatic ore screen production equipment. And carrying capacity, it can be made into various shapes of rigid screening and filtering device.

Stainless steel welded ore screen use: Stainless steel ore screen is widely used in the screening and filtering operations of mining, coal, petroleum, fertilizer, grain, salt, environmental protection and other industries.