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Xindun screens teach you how to choose quality manganese steel screens
- 2018-05-09-

Binzhou Xindun Screen Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of manganese steel screens. The company owns modern polyurethane and high wear-resistant rubber screen production lines and equipment imported from Sweden and France. And rubber screen has the characteristics of high abrasion resistance, strong flex resistance, high sieving accuracy and sieving rate, low noise, light weight, simple installation and high comprehensive benefits.
Quality: The marginal treatment method of manganese steel screen is usually incision. The marginal incision treatment is more regular. There is no stripping on the margin. The manganese steel screen with uniform and fine distance between manganese steel wire and manganese steel wire are excellent screens. Another is to take an eye view or have a caliper to measure to see if the size of the sieve holes is uniform and whether the sieve is skewed. The standard and standard manganese steel screen should be boxy and not deformed.
Magnet detection method: Since the implementation of the strongest environmental protection system this year, corporate costs have started to increase and profits have decreased. In addition, screening customers have continued to lower the price of manganese steel screens. Some manganese steel screen manufacturers have to do this on manganese steel wire raw materials Hand and foot, replace high-manganese steel with silicon-manganese steel, ordinary steel, etc. In fact, there is not much difference in the nature of these steels, but some trace elements are added to the steel. The screens of these materials are susceptible to rust after being wet. Therefore, the manganese steel screen manufacturers have done anti-rust treatment before leaving the factory. The surface of the first screen is sprayed with anti-rust paint; the surface of the second screen is sprayed with grease. Screening companies are difficult to distinguish.