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High-quality polyurethane screen manufacturers share: how to choose the right polyurethane screen
- 2018-05-04-

Polyurethane elastic screens are favored by users for their excellent abrasion resistance, low noise, long life, high screening accuracy, convenient and simple installation, and have been widely used in metallurgy, coal, power, building materials, railway and other industries.
1. When selecting polyurethane screens, first check whether the sieve holes are uniform: High-quality polyurethane sieve sheets have uniform and standard sieve holes and a small tolerance range.
2. Look at the opening rate of the polyurethane screen. The opening rate is the most direct factor affecting the screening efficiency: the more the number of sieve openings of the polyurethane sieve plate, the higher the opening rate, the higher the screening efficiency and output.
3. Look at the connection of the polyurethane screen: The connection method of the polyurethane screen directly affects the screening efficiency. The polyurethane sieve developed by Hebei Jiheng Mine has a sieve with automatic connection device, which is easy to connect and save time, and is more convenient to disassemble and assemble. It is convenient to shorten the initial installation man-hours and local sieve replacement time during use, thereby improving production efficiency. The polyurethane screens are required to be tightly connected to each other and not leak ore to ensure the grade.
4. High-quality polyurethane screens must be rigid, flexible, and moderate: In actual production, polyurethane screens must have strong elasticity to ensure that they do not collapse in production; polyurethane screens must have a certain degree of toughness to ensure that the screens are not brittle.
5. The appearance of the polyurethane sieve depends on its appearance: whether the surface of the polyurethane sieve is exquisite, whether the sieve is flat, whether the hue of the sieve is pure, whether there are broken bars, burrs, lack of material, mixed materials, dense seams .
6, has good low temperature performance.
7, radiation resistance. Polyurethane has good resistance to high-energy rays, and has satisfactory performance at 10-10 Ge radiation dose.