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Xindun Screens Exclusively Share 6 Advantages of Polyurethane Screens
- 2018-05-03-

1. Low working noise, in line with national environmental noise standards. According to the actual measurement, the same screen machine using polyurethane screen can reduce noise by 5-20 decibels, and greatly reduce dust flying, so that the production site has a quiet and clean working environment.
2. Wide range of application, more professional applicability, applicable to any type of vibrating screen machine and measuring machine. Polyurethane screens are professionally used in hydropower stations, building materials and other metal processing and mining industries. The sieving of various materials in the range of 0.1mm-170mm, whether it is dry or wet, does not affect the screening efficiency.

3. Long service life and large carrying capacity. Because the polyurethane elastic screen uses a steel wire rope as a skeleton material, plus the polyurethane itself has a very high elastic modulus, high strength absorbs impact force, and high wear resistance, so it has high tensile strength. The raw materials for the production of polyurethane screens are specially treated to ensure that they will never delaminate under long-term alternating loads.
4. High screening efficiency. The sieve surface has self-cleaning performance, does not block holes, and has high screening efficiency. Due to the strong water permeability of polyurethane, it can effectively prevent the adhesion of wet fine particles, so it is suitable for the screening and classification of wet fine particles. The polyurethane sieve in our factory uses imported raw materials, its elastomer and its own good relaxation performance, which can effectively avoid hole blocking under dynamic conditions.
5. Significant economic benefits. Although the price of polyurethane rubber screen is higher than metal screen, maintenance cost, service life and other factors, it will be found that the overall efficiency of polyurethane screen is much better than ordinary metal screen. According to the survey, each ton of polyurethane rubber sieve plate can save 45 tons of steel. Save more than 40,000 yuan in maintenance costs. Therefore, polyurethane screen surface instead of steel screen surface will be the inevitable choice for most enterprises in the future.