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Xindun Exclusive Analysis of the Advantages of Stainless Steel Punching Nets in the Advertising Industry
- 2018-04-20-

When the mist-laden gas rises through the screen at a certain speed, due to the inertia effect of the rising mist, the mist collides with the screen filament and is attached to the surface of the filament. The diffusion of the mist on the surface of the filament and the gravity settlement of the mist cause the mist to form larger droplets that flow along the filament to the junction of the two filaments. The wettability of the filaments, the surface tension of the liquid, and the capillary action of the filaments make the droplets larger and larger until the aggregated droplets are so large that the gravity generated by them exceeds the combined force of the rising force of the gas and the surface tension of the liquid At this time, the droplets separate from the filaments and fall. After passing through the wire mesh demister, the gas is basically free of mist.
Punching nets are widely used in daily life and production, and there are many areas where stainless steel punching nets are used. This is mainly because stainless steel punching nets are easy to clean and do not rust. Different types of stainless steel punching nets can be used. industry. There is also its good rigidity, which can maintain its specific size under high temperature operation and high water temperature during washing, and it will not affect his appearance and structure. It is precisely because of these advantages of this material that stainless steel punching nets have also begun to be applied in the advertising industry.
Under the environment of long-term wind and sun exposure, the traditional plastic advertising signs will fade, be oxidized, and then deteriorate. The last piece will fall off. This process is short, so its service life is relatively short. And metal punching net advertising signs are beautiful, durable, smooth surface, easy to handle, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, even long-term large-scale advertising signs will not be affected.