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Mine sieve customization is required, professional sieve expert Xindun mine sieve is preferred
- 2018-03-31-

The mine sieve is widely used, and its development prospects are bright. While encouraging prospecting, the state has also strengthened the market for sorting ore screens. With the closure of a small number of small metallurgical, small coal mines, and small cement enterprises, new large-scale ore dressing plants, large-scale coal preparation plants, and large-scale cement plants have been successively established, which has put forward higher requirements for mining equipment. Select points with high efficiency and reliable operation of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. The active, large-scale and high-efficiency energy-saving of mine screen equipment has become a key topic for future research of mine screen equipment manufacturing enterprises.
In addition, the old nature of new environmental protection and energy saving equipment is rapidly decreasing with the improvement of industry scope and skills. The old capital has fallen, and investors in mining screens are more willing to purchase environmentally-friendly and energy-saving equipment with affordable prices and reliable quality as the preferred equipment for production. Based on this, environmental protection and energy saving equipment has gradually emerged from its old disadvantages.
Mine sieve is a metal mesh structural element used for screening and filtering. The material used is mainly high manganese steel wire, low carbon steel wire, and stainless steel wire. The low-carbon steel wire that can be used in the ore screen has the following types: 25 # iron wire with a diameter of 0.50mm, 24 # iron wire with a diameter of 0.55mm, 23 # iron wire with a diameter of 0.60mm, and 22 # iron wire with a diameter of 0.70mm. The components in the low-carbon steel wire used in the ore screen include iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc, and other elements. The hot metal billet is rolled into a 5mm thick steel bar, and then it is drawn into a wire drawing device to draw wires of different diameters, and the diameter of the wire drawing disk is gradually reduced, and processing processes such as cooling, annealing and coating are made into various Iron wire of different specifications.

The mine sieve is widely used and its development is ideal. The quality of our ore screen products is guaranteed!