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Polyurethane screen manufacturers prefer Binzhou Xindun
- 2018-03-28-

Traditional mine fine screens generally use metal woven screens or injection nylon screens. Although the opening rate of metal woven screens is as high as 50 to 55%, due to poor wear resistance, poor corrosion resistance, frequent replacement, it is labor intensive and costly. Secondly, metal screens have poor elasticity and fixed screen sizes. Time division is prone to block the screen holes, affect the screening efficiency, and has a large working noise. The injection nylon fine mesh is made of thermoplastic nylon injection molding. Due to the limitation of the thermoplastic polymer injection molding process, a large-size overall screen cannot be made. When used, it can only be formed by splicing multiple small-size screens.
Mine polyurethane screen is mainly used in mining, coal, petroleum, environmental protection and other industries, then it has a wide range of applications, where are the main advantages? Let me know for you.
1.The bearing capacity, impact resistance, shock absorption performance and cold resistance of the mine screen are outstanding, and it still maintains good elasticity, flexibility and other properties at minus 35 degrees, abrasion and corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, Anti-mildew, anti-bacterial, aging resistance.
2. Beautiful appearance, optional colors, light weight, simple installation, low noise, etc., greatly reducing labor intensity and improving the working environment.
3. Superior physical properties, with both toughness and rigidity, to ensure the size of the screen gap during the use of the screen is stable, to the greatest extent, to ensure the stability of the particle size under the screen, and it is not easy to plug holes. Adopting advanced precision mold technology to ensure high opening rate and to a large extent ensure high screening efficiency.
The company produces various types of mineral polyurethane mesh, steel wire mesh, steel plate punching mesh and other mesh products. At present, the company has established long-term supply relationships with many domestic enterprises, with excellent product quality and better enterprises. Reputation has won widespread praise and trust from customers. Pharmaceutical, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, water treatment and other fields have three important technical indicators for selecting powders or filtering liquids: First, the opening rate, that is, the ratio of the total area of the screen to the total area of the screen; The size of the sieve holes is the sieve holes suitable for different screening levels; the third is the service life. Among them, the larger the opening rate, the higher the screening efficiency; the shorter the service life, the more frequently the screen is changed, which affects production.