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Xindun Exclusively introduces you to high-quality punching screen manufacturers
- 2018-03-27-

First, the punching technology of punching decorative mesh has advantages
The punching plate can be made of iron plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, color steel plate, aluminized zinc plate, etc., and is punched by CNC programming. The perforated decorative net is because the arrangement shape and the size of the round holes are controllable and customizable. Punching nets are not far behind to strengthen technological innovation. Now with the widespread application of punching nets, fierce competition between punching industries has been strengthened. How to strengthen the technological innovation in an invincible position in the competition is indispensable. Punching net manufacturers should also follow the trend, break through outdated technology, and create new process technologies to change the punching net industry. For example, in the circular hole pattern, you can also punch hexagonal, pattern, and even customize according to the customer's needs. So it is loved by customers.
Second, the perforated decorative net can create a beautiful environment
The decorative nets made of punched boards can be used to decorate doors and windows, decorative elevator rooms and exhibition stands, and shelves; it can also be used in ceilings and wall panels as sound-absorbing materials; of course, it can also be used to decorate building stairs, balconies, and make some environmental protection Tables and chairs. The long-term development of punching screens, driven by technology, has continued to improve technology and improve product skills. Nowadays, various products have become trendy. Punching plates as decoration materials in life have created one for us. Different style environments. In addition, the perforated screen can be tailored to different places, and its diverse characteristics have won the favor of consumers. The performance advantages of punching plates are incomparable with ordinary products. Multi-element punching screens will shine in more applications. Therefore, it has played an important role in the building decoration industry and has been greatly welcomed.
Third, other additional functions of punching decorative nets
The perforated mesh is widely used in various shapes, coupled with excellent decorative effects and sound insulation effects, and has been loved by consumers. The perforated decorative mesh treatment has the function of decoration, in addition, it has the advantages of green environmental protection, durable, beautiful, strong sound absorption, good sound insulation effect, convenient installation and use, etc. Concert halls, classrooms, subways, highways, Jiyang, municipal and other public places.