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Xindun screens teach you how to choose quality manganese steel screens
- 2018-03-24-

Binzhou Xindun Screen is specialized in the production of manganese steel screens for 25 years. It is a comprehensive manufacturer integrating production, wholesale and retail. The following Xindun screens will show you how to purchase high-quality manganese. Steel screen.

After the manganese steel screens purchased by the merchants arrive, how to quickly identify the quality of the manganese steel screens is a tricky thing for screening companies. This directly affects the company's interests. If the quality of the manganese steel screens is qualified, Enter the factory for replacement, and return directly if it fails.

Manganese steel screen

1.First look at the overall packaging of manganese steel screen

The overall packaging directly reflects the quality view of the manganese steel screen manufacturer. If you want to pack the rough manganese steel screen, the quality must not be good. Then, open the package and see how the overall appearance of the manganese steel screen is, whether the screen surface is flat, and the hook. Check whether the angles are uniform. Use a vernier caliper to measure a few sieve holes to see if the sizes are uniform.

2. Is the basic information of manganese steel screen complete?

After opening the package, you should check whether the manganese steel screen manual and the inspection certificate are complete. Then look at the manganese steel screen specification and inspection certificate paper for rough printing. The screens produced by large factories not only meet the standard but also the printed paper.

3. Whether the edge of the manganese steel screen is regular

There are two production methods of manganese steel screens -weaving and hand weaving. Regardless of which weaving method is used, the edge treatment method is generally cutting. There are a large scale manganese steel screen manufacturers with large gas cutting equipment and precise technology. The edges are more regular after cutting, and the distance between the edge manganese steel wire and the manganese steel wire is uniform.

4. After opening the package, check whether the size of the sieve is uniform.

Whether the size of the sieve holes is uniform determines the quality of the sieved materials. After receiving the goods, the size of the sieve of the manganese steel sieve should be checked. The vernier caliper is used to measure the five azimuths. Just fine.