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Xindun Screen Welding Method
- 2018-03-22-

Xindun Screen is a professional manufacturer that produces and sells welding screens, focusing on the production of welding screens for 25 years. Today we introduce the welding methods of the welding screen:

First, the arc column dispersion angle of plasma arc welding is smaller than that of argon arc welding. Therefore, under the same welding conditions, the heating area of plasma arc is much smaller than that of argon arc welding, and the requirements for welding spots are relatively easy to meet. Secondly, the arc column of the plasma arc has high humidity and high energy density, so the general argon arc welding heats up and has strong penetration ability. Therefore, smaller welding can be used for thin plates . (5) After measurement, the welding spot is between 2.5 and 2.8mm, which meets the requirements.

2. Welding technology at point B

( 1) Choose two pieces of copper pads and keep them tightly fixed. The stainless steel wire mesh is requested to be 5mm higher than the stainless steel plate to avoid burning the stainless steel plate.

( 2) See Table 2 for welding technical parameters.

3 Welder training

Welders with a good level of argon arc welding are selected for training. The focus is on mastering the arc residence time and controlling the arc length and height. Those who pass the inspection of the welded joints have qualifications for welding the goods.

4 Notes

Strictly follow the welding technical parameters when welding, pay attention to the welding environment to keep clean, clean the stainless steel plate with acetone before welding to remove oil, to avoid the occurrence of air holes. Control the position of the ground wire together and do not damage the stainless steel mesh. After the above operations, the goods are successfully completed.

The above is the introduction of common sense for the selection of welding screens. If you have a purchase of our products and you are welcome to come to our company to order products, we will provide you with warm and satisfactory service! !!