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Xindun screen introduces the characteristics and uses of manganese steel screen
- 2018-03-19-


Manganese steel sieve screen is a newly developed product recently developed in the mine sieve screen family. Its characteristics are easy to leak, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The mesh section is trapezoidal. The gap is narrow and wide. Can be widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, fertilizer, food, salt, environmental protection and other industries. Mine sieve product use and classification method Series of seam screens, petroleum filters, salt industry nets, centrifuge screen baskets, filters, stainless steel mesh covers, etc.

Product types and raw materials used to buy manganese steel screens. The number of meshes in the ore screen: The number of ore screens does not refer to the number of sieve holes in the entire screen. When choosing a vibrating screen, we must first make clear what material we are sieving, and then we can choose the screen that can meet our screening needs based on the size of the screened material particles. Describe the technical parameters such as mesh number, wire diameter, hole diameter, diameter, material, effective screen surface, etc. The unit of length is usually millimeter (mm).