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Analysis of factors affecting the life of polyurethane screens
- 2018-03-12-

The crushing, ore dressing, and screening operations are very harsh, with a lot of dust, high humidity, high noise, large processing capacity, and hard ore. Especially the screen of the vibrating screen is the working surface for material screening. Impact force, and bearing the load of the ore and mechanical vibration (including secondary vibration), it is not only a screening device, but also has the function of transporting the material on the screen. During the movement, the material generates sliding friction and rolling friction on the screen. Force, impact force, wear and corrosion, seriously affect the service life of the screen, the factors affecting the service life of the polyurethane screen are:

I. Polyurethane screen installation problem. Polyurethane screen installation is generally not valued by people. In fact, this is very important. The screen surface must be tight when the polyurethane screen is installed. Otherwise, the stone surface can easily impact the screen surface and cause damage. .

Second, when installing the polyurethane screen, in addition to the screen surface to be tensioned, the screen surface should also pay attention to the installation nut to fix the screen surface.

3. When installing the polyurethane screen, pay attention to the need to fix the polyurethane tape on both sides of the screen surface. In order to save a few dollars, many business owners often use the old tape to replace the polyurethane tape. This did play a role in damping the polyurethane screen, but after a long time, the edge of the polyurethane screen must be damaged early.