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On the development prospect of the fence net
- 2018-03-05-

The barbed wire produced by the fence net factory is widely used. It is not only widely used in industry, but the demand growth in agriculture has maintained a very happy situation in the past two years.
We are a county in the north and my home is in the countryside. Every time I go home, I feel it everywhere. In the past, the walls of the farmhouse were built with brick walls. Many are now changed to barbed wire fences. Not only does it reduce costs, it also beautifies the environment. Fenced with crimped barbed wire, planted some green vines around it, slowly crawling over the whole fence, a green, beautiful. You can also plant loofah, balsam pear, cucumber grape, gourd and other vines around the barbed wire fence. They not only beautify the environment, but also increase income. The most important thing is to eat these home-grown vegetables, the fruits are very fresh. It is both economical and assured.
Barbed wire can also be used to raise livestock. For example, pig barbed wire and chicken barbed wire are widely used in the breeding industry. Cattle nets and sheep blocking nets for grassland are widely used in all aspects of breeding and are economical.
Barbed wire also makes a great contribution to grain storage. I remember when I was a child, the ears of corn were stored in a grain hoard surrounded by sorghum poles. It later developed into a corn hoard with bricks. Now all of them have been replaced by granary welded wire mesh. The granary welded wire mesh is a granary made of barbed wire. Store grain with barn wire, it has good ventilation and air permeability. Allow the ears of corn to dry quickly. The corn stored in this way is not only particularly bright in color. And good quality. Therefore, the barn wire fence is the ideal storage tool for storing ears of corn.
In fact, barbed wire has a large market in rural areas. Barbed wire has a large platform for promotion in rural areas. There are also many vendors in the market who come to us for wholesale and sell them on their own. It is said that the profit is not bad. It is enough to earn some money during the farming season for a good year.
According to different uses, various wire meshes are widely and quickly known as foreign trade to domestic trade.

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