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Xindun Screens Exclusively analyze the use of punching screens for you
- 2018-03-02-

Punching screen refers to a screen that uses a punch to punch out a target figure in the board to be processed. Punching screens are widely used in the construction field due to their advantages such as convenience, fastness, high accuracy, and strong controllability.

His hole types are generally divided into long holes, round holes, square holes, triangular holes, fish scale holes, bridge holes, diamond holes, pentagon holes, hexagon holes, splay holes, cross holes, nail holes, plum holes, and herringbone holes. , I-shaped holes and other special-shaped holes.

Generally used for environmental protection noise barriers in highways, railways, subways and other transportation and municipal facilities that cross urban areas. Sound insulation panels for building walls, generator rooms, factory buildings, and other noise sources can be used. Sound-absorbing materials for the ceiling and wall panels of buildings, can be used for exquisite decorative orifices of building stairs, balconies, environmental protection tables and chairs, protective covers for machinery and equipment, gorgeous speaker net covers, food, feed, mining Mill sieve, mine sieve, I-shaped sieve, stainless steel fruit baskets for kitchen equipment, food hoods, fruit plates and other kitchen utensils, as well as shopping mall shelf nets, decorative display stands, ventilation and ventilation nets in grain stores, water seepage filtration of football field lawn Net, etc.

Various special-shaped perforated meshes are used in food machinery, drying sieve panels, ceilings for decoration, instrument cases, sound speakers, sound filtering and other equipment. Light embossed round hole mesh for platforms, pedals, filters and various filter valves.