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Mining polyurethane edge punching sieve manufacturer
- 2018-02-22-

The frame of the polyurethane edge punching sieve is made of high wear-resistant polyurethane material. This material has high wear resistance, easy and compact installation, and low noise. With special polyurethane rail seat, side pressure plate, pad and other accessories installed, widely loved by users of major companies. Customized dimensions according to customer needs: 610 * 610mm 610 * 305mm and other common specifications spot, other sizes can be customized according to customer needs.

Polyurethane rubber properties:

Polyurethane is a high-performance new material between rubber and plastic. It has abrasion resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, tear resistance, impact resistance, high elasticity, radiation resistance, strong vibration absorption, Antistatic, flame retardant, good adhesion and other characteristics. Its comprehensive performance is outstanding, which is unmatched by other rubbers and plastics. Moreover, polyurethane can be processed by almost any conventional process of polymer materials, and the application range is almost all industries.

Mine punching and covering sieve plate Mine punching and covering sieve plate Mining punching and covering sieve plate Mining punching and covering sieve plate, the punching net, as its name implies, punches different shapes of holes in the same material to suit Different needs. Polyurethane edge-punching perforated screens are widely used in mines, sieves, and long service life.