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Xindun Screen Mesh Wholesale High Quality Polyurethane Screen Mesh
- 2018-01-23-

Xindun sieve specializes in the production of 65 manganese steel ore screen, polyurethane screen, polyurethane dewatering screen, polyurethane strip screen, coal mine screen, mine screen, polyurethane screen, special manganese steel for screen, high manganese Steel wire, asphalt mixing station screens, compound fertilizer screens, carbon steel screens, high manganese steel screens, stainless steel screens, thermal insulation screens, highways, rail fences, and other large-scale screens and screen machinery enterprise.

The polyurethane sieve produced by Xindun has high sieving rate, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, non-slip, vibration resistance, strong elasticity, strong toughness, and is not close together. The mesh section is trapezoidal. The gap is narrow and wide. It is a cold-rolled sieve bar made of stainless steel wire. The support bar is welded by automatic ore screen production equipment. And carrying capacity, it can be made into various shapes of rigid screening and filtering device.

Polyurethane dewatering screens and screens are widely used in screening machines in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, water conservancy, road construction and other industries. It has the advantages of light weight, high screening efficiency, non-blocking holes, anti-friction, impact resistance, tear resistance, long life (2-3 times that of stainless steel sieve plate), low noise, convenient installation, and high comprehensive benefits. According to the structure of the polyurethane screen plate, it is divided into four types: 1 ) mosaic type 2 ) bolt connection 3 ) bead connection 4 )

Polyurethane screens produced by our factory are consumables used on mining equipment. The full name is polyurethane screen, the full name is polyurethane , which contains repeating urethane groups (NHCOO) on the main chain. A collective term for macromolecular compounds. It is made by adding organic diisocyanate or polyisocyanate with dihydroxy or polyhydroxy compound. In addition to urethanes, polyurethane macromolecules can also contain groups such as ethers, esters, ureas, biurets , and urethanes.

Xindun discusses the use of polyurethane screens : according to the different raw materials, there can be products with different properties, generally two types of polyester and polyether. It can be used to make plastics, rubber, fibers, rigid and flexible foams, adhesives and coatings. Preparation source: a polymer compound formed by the action of a di- or polyisocyanate and a di- or polyhydroxy compound.