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Xindun talked about the application of stainless steel screen in construction
- 2018-01-18-

Xindun is a professional screen manufacturer. The stainless steel screen produced by our factory is different from general mesh products. Instead, there is a strict series of mesh sizes. In addition, there are mesh products that meet the industry, agency, and standard classification and screening functions of object particles. The sieve does not say "mesh number", "mesh number" is just a habit for people to describe the screen, which is difficult to overcome for a while. The screen is different from ordinary mesh products in that it has a strict mesh size, instead of being expressed by "mesh number". The screen size is not isolated. It is composed of a series of mesh sizes. The purpose is to classify and screen. Only such a mesh product can be called a screen.

Stainless steel screens are mostly used in the construction process and play an irreplaceable role in contemporary building construction, foundations and road construction.

Take the wall-mounted stainless steel screen as an example. The system screen of the wall-mounted stainless steel screen in the external wall insulation and high-layer veneer bricks is laid in a crack-resistant mortar using a four-angle mesh, so that the external wall insulation brick and crack-proof protective layer will be very good. Effective strengthening, and then directly fixing the stainless steel screen and structure of the wall through the anchor, will transfer the surface load acting body, transfer the surface load to the base wall, and the insulation layer can be effectively protected. When applied, damage occurs in the crack-resistant protective layer and is absorbed by the crack-resistant protective layer.

In addition, due to the good grip between the stainless steel screen mesh and the cement crack-resistant mortar, the horizontal and vertical tensile strength is reasonably enhanced, and the strength of the base layer of the facing brick is greatly improved.

Therefore, the use of the stainless steel mesh screen reinforced structure can effectively balance the unification between the crack resistance and the strength requirements of the facing bricks to meet the stability requirements of the thermal insulation system.

Xin Dun introduces the characteristics of stainless steel screens: First, the structure is precise, the mesh is uniform, the filtration accuracy is good, the corrosion resistance is good, and it is strong and durable. Second, it has properties such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, temperature resistance, tensile strength and wear resistance, and wear resistance. Thirdly, it has high smoothness, no surface treatment is needed, and maintenance is easy and simple.