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Xin Dun teaches everyone how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of manganese steel screen
- 2018-01-11-

Manganese steel sieve can be used in mining, coal, petroleum, fertilizer, food, environmental protection and other industries. Slotted screen, petroleum filter, salt industry. Manganese steel ore screen is a manganese steel mesh with a wire diameter of 1.6 The sieve mesh product woven from mm-12mm silk thread adopts the embedded (Mn65-Q) weaving method. The overlapping points of warp and weft are not prominent, the surface is flat, and the force is uniform. The hardness is HB180-230, which has good plasticity and toughness.

Methods to identify the advantages and disadvantages of manganese steel screens:

I. Magnet detection method: Since the implementation of the strongest environmental protection system this year, corporate costs have started to increase and profits have decreased. In addition, screening customers have continued to lower the price of manganese steel screens. Some manufacturers of manganese steel screens have to focus on manganese steel wire raw materials. Do some tricks and replace high-manganese steel with silicon-manganese steel, ordinary steel, etc. In fact, there is not much difference in the nature of these steels, except that some trace elements are added to the steel. The screens of these materials are susceptible to rust after being wet. Therefore, the manganese steel screen manufacturers have done anti-rust treatment before leaving the factory. The surface of the first screen is sprayed with anti-rust paint; the surface of the second screen is sprayed with grease. Screening companies are difficult to distinguish.

The simplest way to distinguish high-manganese steel, ordinary steel, and manganese steel screen is to use magnets. Part of the manganese steel can be attracted by the magnet. For example, the 65Mn manganese steel screen has a strong suction force ; the M13 manganese steel screen has a weak suction force ; and the high manganese steel with a high manganese steel screen material is an alloy, and each substance in the mixture maintains its original There are properties. High manganese steel has iron, so it can be magnetized, but it is not magnetic. Even if it is magnetized, its magnetic properties are much lower than those of other steel materials.

2. Chemical detection method: This chemical detection method has certain limitations. It is limited to the detection of high-manganese steel screen material. Before testing, the anti-rust paint or grease on the surface of the high-manganese steel screen is removed and dripped on the fault. The copper sulfate solution will be wiped with a clean cloth. If the surface becomes red and non-magnetic after being erased, it will be made of high-manganese steel. The red-colored and magnetic material will usually be ordinary steel or low alloy steel.