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6 advantages of punching screen, leading in the market!
- 2017-10-14-

  The full name of polyurethane is polyurethane, which is a collective name for macromolecular compounds containing repeating urethane groups (NHCOO) on the main chain. It is made by adding organic diisocyanate or polyisocyanate with dihydroxy or polyhydroxy compound. In addition to urethanes, polyurethane macromolecules can also contain groups such as ethers, esters, ureas, biurets, and urethanes.

Xindun screen is a professional Perforated screen Produced by our company's products unique chemical properties such as wear resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, tear resistance, impact resistance, high Physical properties such as elasticity, strong vibration absorption, and large load support capacity cannot be matched by rubber, plastic, and other materials. Therefore it is widely used in mining machinery, construction machinery, chemical machinery, textile machinery, wood processing, printing machinery, metallurgical manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, agricultural machinery and sports equipment and other industries. The company's main products are polyurethane screens, slot screens, polyurethane impellers, flotation machine impellers, and polyurethane hydrocyclones.

Why Perforated screens Can keep popular with the market trend? Today we take the Xindun screen as an example to introduce it to everyone:

1. Long service life and large carrying capacity

2.High screening efficiency

3. Wide range of applications, more professional applicability, suitable for any type of vibrating screen machine and measuring machine production

4. High screening accuracy. The production process of the polyurethane screen adopts the mold casting process, with accurate hole diameter, high screening quality, and the particle size of the material under the screen can well meet the requirements of users

5, low working noise, in line with national environmental noise standards. According to the actual measurement, the same sieve machine using polyurethane screen can reduce noise by 5-20 decibels compared with metal screen, and greatly reduce dust flying, so that the production site has a quiet and clean working environment

6. Significant economic benefits. Although the price of polyurethane rubber screen is higher than that of metal screen, if you consider the screening efficiency, maintenance cost, service life and other factors, you will find that the overall efficiency of polyurethane screen is much better than ordinary metal screen. According to the survey, each ton of polyurethane rubber sieve plate can save 45 tons of steel. Save more than 40,000 yuan in maintenance costs. Therefore, polyurethane screen surface instead of steel screen surface will be the inevitable choice for most enterprises in the future.

Binzhou Xindun sieve factory direct sale Perforated sieve widely used in metallurgy (iron ore, limestone, fluorite, cooling blast furnace slag, coke and other raw materials), non-ferrous, yellow, coal, chemical, building materials and hydropower Engineering, abrasive waste treatment, quarry and other industries, such as material washing, screening, classification and other industries. We provide new structure mode sieve plates with various format specifications and screen hole sizes, especially for the occasions with strong impact resistance, high hardness and high wear resistance. Wear-resistant sieve plates are used for fine crushing and sieving in iron ore, classification of raw coal, sieving of gold, building materials, and sand and gravel in hydropower and nuclear power projects. Products are widely sold in Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other major provinces and cities across the country.