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Maintenance cycle of manganese steel screen
- 2019-11-26-

Regarding the maintenance of manganese steel screen after the cycle is very worth discussing, the maintenance cycle is directly related to the service life of the screen. How long is the one-dimensional maintenance cycle really difficult to say together? This is mainly to see how the physical properties of the sieved material screened by the manganese steel screen, the hardness and sharpness of different sieved materials are different. Explain to selected companies from different aspects.

The physical properties of the sieved matter determine the maintenance period. The physical properties such as hardness, density, and sharp appearance of the sieved matter will cause greater wear on the outer surface of the manganese steel screen when sieving. The high-density, sharp-looking selection of manganese steel screens has a short maintenance cycle, and vice versa, it takes a long time. Regarding the selection of granite, gold ore and other selection materials, maintenance and maintenance are generally required about two months.

With regard to the selection of ordinary stones, it usually takes four to six months to select such deposits, and the screens are usually replaced in 90 days. Therefore, there are different maintenance intervals when selecting different items. Consult the manufacturer when purchasing manganese steel screens. The key maintenance of maintenance is protection and maintenance. Proper maintenance can directly and directly extend the operating cycle of manganese steel screen accessories, resulting in economic benefits for the added enterprises. Maintenance generally includes: the fixing status of the manganese steel screen, see if the screen surface bolts are loose. If it is loosened and tightened, it will be severely worn and replaced. Whether the sensational rubber strip under the sieve surface is damaged. Generally, the sensational rubber strip is difficult to be damaged during the application period, and it is only necessary to not use the defective rubber strip. Whether the slabs on the edge of the sieve are loose, and they are fixed and tightened. When the screen surface of the manganese steel screen is damaged, the treatment method is: cut a piece of used manganese steel screen to cover the surface of the damaged manganese steel screen, and then fix it. The fixing method generally uses the binding method, and two pieces of steel The manganese steel screen is bound up and down to make it tightly touch. Pay attention to the tight binding, otherwise material will be missed during the selection process. Many companies do not pay attention to the maintenance of sieve surface after the selection operation. Pay attention to the small problems that can cause big problems. Failure to pay attention to maintenance can easily cause the manganese steel sieve screen surface to be damaged and cause economic losses.

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