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Difference between polyurethane screen and traditional screen
- 2019-11-18-

The difference between polyurethane screen and traditional screen:

Traditional mine precision screens are usually made of metal or needled nylon screens. Although the opening rate of metal woven screens is as high as 50`55%, they are frequently replaced because of poor wear resistance and corrosion resistance, so the labor intensity is high and the cost is high. Secondly, the metal screen has poor elasticity, and the size of the screen holes is also fixed. It is easy to form screen blockages during screening, which affects the screening power, and the noise during operation is relatively large.

Nylon precision screens are made of thermoplastic nylon needles. Due to the limitations of the thermoplastic polymer needle forming process, large-scale overall screens cannot be made. In use, only small-scale screens can be used for splicing. Due to defects such as splicing gaps and large screen separators, the screen opening rate is low, usually less than 10%, so the screening power is extremely low.

Polyurethane screens have effectively made up for the shortcomings of traditional screens. They have been widely recognized by users because of their large scale standards, good elasticity, wear resistance, light weight, long life, low noise, and no splicing is required. The screen mesh has a large sieve opening and low scale accuracy, so it is only suitable for rough selection of materials and not for selection. Polyurethane expanded mesh has excellent thermal insulation performance. Under the same thermal insulation requirements, it can reduce the thickness of the building's outer protective structure, thereby increasing the indoor use area. Polyurethane screen has strong deformation resistance, is not easy to crack, and has a stable and safe finish.

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