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Treatment method of manganese steel screen mesh surface
- 2019-11-12-

Xindun Screen Co., Ltd. has established extensive cooperative relationships with domestic and foreign construction and building materials, screening of pyrite, iron and steel plants, metallurgical plants, sulfuric acid plants, compound fertilizer plants, machinery foundries, and large-scale mine stone plants. Various fence nets used in urban construction, road isolation, border line division, mountain closure, forest, zoo, and botanical garden construction are also widely used.

The application fields of manganese steel screens are all over industry, agriculture, science and technology, national defense . From high-tech, high-tech industries, to food, clothing, housing, cultural life, synchronized development with the national economy, and are closely related to the national economy and people's livelihood, but the net surface How to deal with it?

On the surface of each product produced on the machine, there are oil stains on the surface of the manganese steel screen machinery . After the product is completed, we must package the produced manganese steel screens, and clean the oil stains on the surface of the manganese steel screens. Wipe the rag clean and restore the original bright colors. Manganese steel screens are packed with wrapping paper to prevent moisture and corrosion and abrasion and scratches during handling. There are also customer requirements for pressing the flat manganese steel screen into a certain shape. This is a difficult process. The manganese steel screen mesh cannot be changed, only warp and weft threads can be changed or the screen can be deformed. Manganese steel screens and wire screen screens that love to corrode rusty materials are sprayed with anti-rust paint or galvanized to extend the life point.

Surface treatment of manganese steel screen: cheaper and faster treatment: cold galvanized, white ; spray-painted, green, white, red, black, yellow and so on. More common processing methods: dipping, color selection: grass green, dark green, white, yellow, black, red and so on. Treatment method with good anti-corrosion performance: after hot dip galvanizing and dip treatment, the anti-corrosion performance is life-long. Polyurethane screens have a long life and excellent abrasion resistance, and the load is far beyond the capacity of other screens, because the framework of polyurethane elastic screens is steel wire, and the polyurethane itself has a very high Elastic modulus, high strength shock absorption ability, so it has a good stretch ability. Polyurethane is a high molecular organic elastomer, which has been specially treated in the material manufacturer who makes the screen to ensure that it will never be used in the process. Delamination.

Screen manufacturers Polyurethane screens have a wide range of applications and are more professional and practical. They are suitable for any type of vibrating screen and can be manufactured according to the type of machine. Now they are not only used in mining, but also in hydropower stations, building materials and other metal processing and mining industries. Polyurethane screen. The sieving of any item in the range of 0.1MM-170MM does not affect its screening efficiency regardless of whether the item is wet or dry. Dehydration and holding media in the range of 0.5mm-3mm can show its superior function. Polyurethane sieve has high screening efficiency and extremely low plugging rate. Due to the water seepage function of polyurethane, it can effectively avoid the adhesion of wet fine particles, so it is suitable for the screening of wet fine particles.

Xindun Screen sincerely hopes to establish good trade relations with new and old customers at home and abroad on the basis of mutual benefit and friendly cooperation for a better future.