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Product features of manganese steel screen
- 2019-11-08-

Product features of 65 manganese steel screen: stable structure, strong impact resistance, wear resistance, low cost, uniform and long-lasting mesh, beautiful appearance, etc.

1. Choose a relatively thick wire diameter, black color, and look at the color with a professional cutting tool. The main purpose of the product: it can be widely used in the screening of mines, sand and gravel, raw coal, and isolation and protection in construction, civil and breeding industries. The selection of manganese steel screens is primarily based on the characteristics, raw materials, and price of the screens.

2. Choose the pores that are relatively uniform, and whether the size of the sieve holes is uniform, determine whether the screening materials are qualified or not. In addition, the thickness of the wire diameter directly affects the life and price of the screen. Quansheng sieve warmly reminds you that these elements of the sieve screen affect each other. The abrasion resistance, erosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and the presence or absence of magnetism are directly related to the price of the screen.

3. Both sides of the sieve are easy to loosen. This kind of sieve is not easy to be disconnected and damaged after being shaken by the vibrating screen. 4, the screen must be the same as the warp and weft knitting strength, you can use hand to pull down without shaking to test and compare.

In summary, the quality of the material determines the wear resistance of the manganese steel screen and the thickness of the wire diameter, which effectively prolongs the service life of the manganese steel screen. Therefore, the choice of manganese steel screen can not only be determined by the price. Only an increase in the service life of manganese steel screens can reduce costs and increase profits for your business. Xindun screens are made of high-manganese steel ( 65Mn) as raw materials. The series of screens produced are matched with the large-scale vibrating screen of Shanghai Luqiao Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd., especially with imported asphalt mixing machines for road construction. Niigata, Oman, Lin Tai Ge, Marini, Parker and other imported machines supporting, can completely replace imported screens, meet the requirements of various roads and equipment, and won praise from users, of which anti-blocking screens are used Lintaige and other models can also be used in compound fertilizer production and other fields. Widely used in chemical, smelting, road construction, construction, asphalt mixing, stone screening, compound fertilizer, mining machinery, highway engineering machinery and other industries. If you have this need, please contact us Xindun Screen Company.