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How to reduce the noise of the shaker
- 2019-11-02-

Vibrating screen is the main screening tool for coal preparation. Due to its own characteristics, the silo wall vibrator must be shielded by vibration in normal work, but vibration is the root cause of noise, and the sound level is high, and there are many and complicated sound sources. Fix all components on the vibrating screen, especially the screen plates that need to be replaced frequently, to avoid extra vibration caused by loosening of individual components.

The stamped steel sieve plate replaces the anti-locking device with low elastic modulus and low noise effect by the polyurethane sieve plate or rubber sieve plate, and a rubber plate is added to the sieve box side plate, feed inlet, discharge outlet and base plate, The high frequency vibration of the side plate can effectively suppress the radiation noise to be reduced.

The flexible plate device is used to replace steel gears, which are gears that use rubber elastomers to transmit torque to the spokes of this vibrator. Gear rodents and rodents absorb vibrations caused by gears, and replace steel springs and rubber springs to reduce impact.

The soft sound insulation cover is installed in the exciter, and the inner and outer sleeves of the bearing are damped. Anti-blocking rolling element bearing equipment can be made into hollow rollers or hollow rollers with damping materials added inside, which can reduce bearing vibration and bearing noise.

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