Specializing in the production of 65 manganese steel ore screen, polyurethane screen, polyurethane dewatering screen, polyurethane slot screen, coal mine screen, mine screen, polyurethane screen, special manganese steel, high manganese steel wire for screen, asphalt mixing Large-scale enterprises of various types of screens and screen machinery such as station screens, compound fertilizer screens, carbon steel screens, high-manganese steel screens, stainless steel screens, thermal insulation screens, highways, railing fences and other types of screen machinery.

Binzhou Xindun Screen Co., Ltd.

Binzhou Xindun Screen Co., Ltd. specializes in polyurethane screens, punching screens, fence screens, manganese steel screens, mine screens, stainless steel screens, welding screens, rubber screens, Anping screens, and mixing stations Screens, punching screens, vibrating screens, mining accessories, etc., all products comply with national standards (GB372321-0491). Since the establishment of the company, we have continuously improved the production process and learned from the strengths of the public. All performance indicators have reached users Requirements, praised by users. The company has modern polyurethane and high abrasion resistant rubber screen production lines and equipment imported from Sweden and France with world advanced levels. The polyurethane screens and rubber screens produced have high abrasion resistance, high flex resistance, high screening accuracy and High sieving rate, low noise, light weight, simple installation and high comprehensive benefits. After repeated testing by China University of Mining and Technology's beneficiation research, all physical properties have reached the quality standards of Zhuolabao in Sweden. Polyurethane and rubber screens are professionally used in non-ferrous enterprises, black enterprises, hydropower stations, building materials and other national large-scale projects, construction projects, ore dressing, coal preparation and other screening systems; their sieving and permeability are better than wind plate iron screens. It is well received by users, and each user unit calls it the "king of kings" in the screen.

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